Striving for Digital Excellence in Healthcare

Outpatient Care

Our EHR is built explicitly for doctor's offices and clinics seeking to simplify and modernise their work environment. A clinic or doctor’s office can be a hectic environment; MedRegis adds simplicity.

Friendly and Flexible

We are continuously developing the user-friendliness of the application, which is a significant limitation for competing solutions. Our focal point is creating a seamless layout that transforms your clinical efficiency by saving you time.

Devoted to Your Success

Our motto is 'Striving for Digital Excellence in Healthcare.' Our client's clinical strategy is essential to us as it impacts their patient care delivery.


Digitalize your clinical processes.

Front Office Automation

The Front office is critical to your clinical success and patient satisfaction. We streamline your front office responsibilities by empowering your patients from the beginning of their journey. Imagine the convenience of patients creating their profiles from a station within your clinic or their phones, self-checking in, and editing their info. Also, patients can receive email or SMS appointment reminders. These automations empower patients and relieve healthcare professionals of administrative burdens, allowing them to focus more on other critical tasks.

Consultation Notes

Faster Documentation

The patient history and billable items saved in the consultation notes are automatically stored in the Patient History and Billing sections. We have also addressed the issue of having to type out each consultation note from scratch using unique text shortcuts. Users can create multiple interactive templates with varying content and highlight the areas that will change from patient to patient. These time-saving features make healthcare professionals more efficient and help them focus more on patient care and less on typing, making them feel more productive.

Referral Letter

Forget Printing

Generate all of your clinic's invoices, payments, and sales receipts in one place with the ability to export your billing reports. To add to your clinic's positive environmental impact, you can send any bill digitally to patients.




We are finalizing a pivotal partnership with a leading Artificial Intelligence company in the USA. This partnership is not just a collaboration but a testament to our commitment to innovation and our position as a leader in healthcare technology. MedRegis is the only Caribbean company that can continuously provide the quality we deliver to regional healthcare, further solidifying our trusted healthcare technology provider role. This innovative partnership opens up exciting possibilities for the future of Caribbean healthcare.

We are championing telehealth through our partnership with Doxy.me, as we know it can significantly benefit rural and underserved communities in the Caribbean. This partnership goes beyond our integration with Doxy.me in our EHR. It is an effective tool for governments to deploy within their countries to improve care delivery, patient outcomes, and continuity of care.


Why MedRegis?


As the CEO of MedRegis, I envision a future where healthcare in the Caribbean transitions from the inefficiencies of paper-based systems to the streamlined, digitally-enabled solutions that modern technology offers. By embracing electronic health records, we can revolutionize patient care, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information is always at the fingertips of healthcare providers. This transformation will enhance the quality of care and patient outcomes and position the Caribbean as a leader in innovative healthcare solutions. Digitalization can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and foster collaboration with global health technology stakeholders. Join us in this pivotal movement towards a brighter, healthier future for the Caribbean. Let's digitize healthcare together—reach out today and be part of the change. 

Dale Trotman - CEO & Founder

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