Striving for Digital Excellence in Healthcare

Outpatient Care

Our EHR is built explicitly for doctor's offices and clinics seeking to simplify and modernise their work environment. A clinic or doctor’s office can be a hectic environment; MedRegis adds simplicity.

Friendly and Flexible

We are continuously developing the user-friendliness of the application, which is a significant limitation for competing solutions. Our focal point is creating a seamless layout that transforms your clinical efficiency by saving you time.

Devoted to Your Success

Our motto is ‘Striving for Digital Excellence in Healthcare’. Our client’s clinical approach towards healthcare is important to us as it impacts their delivery to their patients.


Within One click, Create a Printable Digital Prescription



Within one click, create a printable digital prescription. Writing prescriptions consumes time that is better spent with patients or other clinical tasks.


Referral letters

Our approach is to allow doctors to click and generate their referral letters instead of writing them. Who enjoys writing referral letters when you can prepare for the next patient?



We are replacing writing with typing, but we also acknowledge time is a doctor’s most important commodity which is why our templating design aims to reduce typing.



Streamlining your appointments means understanding every appointment does not need to be a physical appointment. Subsequently, a clinic should have two types of appointments, virtual and in-clinic. With such a strategy, you can efficiently reduce your in-house appointments while improving wait time and save patients or yourself commuting for medical issues that have a virtual solution. MedRegis has partnered with Doxy.me to provide you with leading telemedicine capabilities.

Why MedRegis?


Research by Stanford Medicine conducted by the Harris Poll found that nearly three out of four Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) believe that improving EHRs user interfaces could best address EHR challenges in the immediate future. MedRegis does not want to replicate such issues within the Caribbean’s healthcare environment. We aim to be the epitome of technological excellence for our clients and position MedRegis as the pioneer of health technology in the Caribbean.

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